How to select best pen drive???

Back in the early days of technology we used to use floppy disks as our data storage devices but as the technology evolved idea of USB flash drives, customs drives, card USB , pen drive , USB stick , flash drive came into being.

These are User friendly devices which can easily store much more time data than floppy disks and are easy to carry from places to places due to its size. Choosing your USB is as simple as choosing anything. But just to ease out your choices this article will clear up most of your doubts. As USB drives now a days comes in every denominations and user and pocket friendly choices therefore one can choose them according to their need Various memory capacities available in USB drives ranges from 4 GB to 1 TB. Hence anyone can go for the pen drive they wish for according to his requirements.

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They have easy connectivity to almost every device now days therefore providing much more easier flow of data from one device to another.

In a typical well-conducted review of a number of high-performance USB 3.0 drives, a drive that could read large files at 68 MB/s and write at 46 MB/s, could only manage 14 MB/s and 0.3 MB/s with many small files. When combining streaming reads and writes the speed of another drive, that could read at 92 MB/s and write at 70 MB/s, was 8 MB/s. These differences differ radically from one drive to another; some drives could write small files at over 10% of the speed for large ones.

Various types of USB drives are explained below so that you may re consider your choices before buying any of them.Best USB DRIVE OR PEN DRIVE is one which meets all your storage requirements, offers you high file transfer speed and is easy to carry.

USB flash drives or pen drives or USB sticks are basically Format enabled storage devices that uses flash memory with integrated USB interface. It does not require any kind of rebooting before starting up. Frequent saleable USB drive Generally lasts upto 256Gb . And they weigh less than 30 grams. They come in various sizes as well as shapes. Now we can customise our usb drive as we wish to in various sizes , designs, labels, colors and many more. These types of devices are typically called as custom drives because they are customized according to the needs of the customer. One of the leading online portal for custom drives is .

Next comes Card USB ,Or USB FlashCard , these are flash memory cards typically used as a storage devices for mobile phones.

There is a wide range of existing memory card formats such as SD, xD, and Compact Flash. The USB FlashCard uses a Type A plug which keeps the total thickness of the card maximum to 4.5 mm. Because of its small size and USB compatibility,it can be either used in digital camera or even in a personal computer without the need of card reader.

And in order to make your choices much easier you just need to visit one platform i.e where you can find ā€œnā€ number of USB drives without taking local market visit.